Comparison of All iPhone Models and Their Price in Canada

Apple launched its first iPhone on 29 June, 2007 at the MacWorld 2007. It was iPhone 1st Generation with 4GB and 8GB Memory, the first iPhone device launched by Apple Inc. Steve Jobs delivered the presentation and back then, it was really a revolutionary gadget. As Steve said in the video (At


Best Android Smartphones in Canada

Android doesn’t need any introduction as most of you may already know about it and you might also know that right now, this Operating System dominates more than 79 percent. So, Android is the most liked Operating System developed by Google which has enabled the users to get the functionality and features


Best Android Tablets For Kids

Android is world’s most popular operating system with lots of features and supported applications on Play Store. The use of this open source OS is increasing on such a fast pace that most of the education related electronic gadgets are started to use Android. Many open source organizations are utilizing Android to